I suggest you listen to the following podcast link Wrestling With Life's Issues by Dr. Harold O.J. Brown with a great lecture about this topic.



Baby killer nation by proxi published 02/28/2014

Millennium Edition 2000 Monopoly Game obo trepo.org 407-341-6880 shelf parker brothers  
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Monopoly has been popular for most of the 20th century. (How many games have that claim to fame?) Here's a Monopoly set for the next century, packaged in a nifty square metal box with signature character Mr. Monopoly on top. The rules are the same, but all of the game's components have clever new twists to celebrate the millennium. The board is made of silver holographic foil; the money is transparent; the houses and hotels have a new futuristic shape; and the tokens are little icons of turn-of-the-century life: a computer, a cell phone, an in-line skate, a globe, a jet, a sleek car, an all-terrain bicycle, and a dog (this time it's a yellow Lab instead of a Scottie). —Marcie Bovetz

Wood Folding Mancala in Sleeve obo trepo.org 407-341-6880 shelf Cardinal Industries  
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The goal of each player is to collect the glass beads in his or her mancala (the big cups at each end of the game board). Begin your game by filling each cup (except mancalas) with 4 beads. A player then picks up beads from a cup and redistributes them, one at a time, into other cups around the board. A few simple rules govern which cups a player can drop a bead into and when a player's turn is over. Collect the most beads in your mancala to win the game! Then, fold the glass beads inside the game board and slip the board into a convenient storage box. Beads won't get lost! Oak-finish, hinged game board unfolds to 5-1/4x17-3/4. Includes 48 colorful glass beads and instructions for basic game. For 2 players.

Sorry obo trepo.org 407-341-6880 shelf Hasbro  
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Since 1934, players of all ages have been chasing one another around the classic game board, trying to get their own four pawns from Start to Home. But it's not that easy, because you never know what the next card will hold: Will you move forwards or backwards' Will you hit a slide and shoot ahead, or will an opponent bump you back to start' For 2 to 4 players. Contents include: Sorry! game board, deck of cards, and 16 pawns.

Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone Trivia Game obo trepo.org 407-341-6880 shelf Mattel  
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Fans of the amazing exploits of a certain literary phenomenon and wizardry student are bound to go whole-Hogwarts for the Harry Potter Trivia Game. This clever and challenging Q&A contest mixes a Slytherin scoop of Peeves the Poltergeist with the mechanics of Trivial Pursuit. As they round the circular track, players answer questions in five categories (one Places query asks, "What lies behind the 'Leaky Cauldron'?"), collect various Charms cards, avoid Curses played by opponents, and then return to their Houses to answer a final question. It's a cool game, definitely designed for hardcore Harry fans, but it has a couple of nice features for those who wouldn't know a Ravenclaw from a Hufflepuff. There are multiple-choice questions (though players score extra Charms if they answer without this option), and there's a Spell card that allows you to "think like Hermione." Play this card, and you get to answer another player's question. —Tony Mason

Pop Star Karaoke obo trepo.org 407-341-6880 d9d Big City Closeouts  
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You'll receive a Pop Star Karaoke Singing Mic. This makes home karaoke easy. It just plugs into your TV using the A/V jacks. Lets you karaoke to the 5 songs. The song lyrics appears on the screen. Includes bonus games such as Memory Test and Piano Pad. It has volume control built-in. Also allows you to add an Echo effect. Remember, retail price of $49.99! Great for kids. Songs included are: Oops! I Did It Again - Britney Spears, Living La Vida Loca! - Ricky Martin, Bye! Bye! Bye! - NSync, It's Gonna Be Me - NSync, Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys. Note: Sorry, but it says "Will not work with Projector Televisions"

Perfection Board Game obo trepo.org 407-341-6880 Shelf Parker Brothers  
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Develop fine-motor, shape recognition and matching skills with this fast-paced game. Includes plastic game unit with timer, pop-up tray and 25 geometric shapes. For 1 or more players, ages 5 and up.

Sea Battle $20 obo trepo.org 407-341-6880 shelf Radio Shack  
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This was Radio Shack's very cool, electronic, hand held version of the classic BATTLESHIP game! It is a game of strategy and skill with exciting light and sound effects! It even vibrates when an opponent's ships are hit! It runs off of 3 AAA batteries. This "Vintage" game is RARE, and is no longer produced by Tandy or Radio Shack.

Milton Bradley Game of Life Board Game $20 obo trepo.org 407-341-6880 TACVPI  
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The Game of Life has been a family classic for over 40 years. Spin the wheel of fate to become a rock star, scientist or poor country philosopher.

Jack Hammer - Rescue Heroes with Action Card trepo.org 407-341-6880 d6d Fisher Price  
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Responding to urgent instruction from Mission Command, this Texas-born Rescue Heroes Character uses his drill and chainsaw for digging escape tunnels to free trapped subway passengers or breaking up rubble to rescue earthquake victims. You can always count on Jack to nail down a daring rescue!



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