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Witch Hunt: Persecuted
ess51617 Lisa Childs Magic is in her blood...

Elena Jones thinks that her dream-visions are why her life has been a living nightmare. She would do anything to stop them-anything to give her daughter a normal life. But when her dreams show her long-lost sisters in danger, Elena has the chance to transform her curse into a gift. To stop death, before it strikes.

And death is in her dreams...

Joseph Dolce is her grandmother's right-hand man, with violence in his past and darkness in his soul. Elena dreams of him, too-sweeter dreams, but just as dangerous. Joseph doesn't want to be her knight in shining armor. But his generous lovemaking and selflessly heroic actions cause Elena to have a change of heart. Now, instead of seeing unwanted visions, she'll do everything in her power to make a special one come true....
Wicked: Sleeping With Secrets
ess51617 Tori Carrington
When Bruce Met Cyn
ess51617 Lori Foster Bruce Kelly has spent most of his life helping people who are down on their luck, guiding them toward making better lives. Compassionate and kind, Bruce understands that everyone makes mistakes, even if he's never actually done anything just colour inside the lines. Nobody's perfect, but Bruce is about to meet a woman who's perfect for him. He's determined to show her that he can be trusted. And if that means proving it by being an absolute gentleman at all times, then so be it. Cyn Potter is a survivor, with a sassy, gallows wit and a fierce independent streak to show for it. She's used to men wanting only one thing, and this girl is no longer taking applications from big bad wolves in sheep's clothing, thank you very much. But Bruce Kelly is actually different. Totally hands off. Sometimes she can se a hint of fire when he looks at her, but the guy treats her with the respect she's always wanted. Maybe too much respect, because truthfully? The guy is fine. Worth taking down a few defences for...and a few other things. And maybe somebody needs to help Bruce start over and discover just how perfect being imperfect can be
Wedding Bell Blues
ess51617 Robyn Amos He's everything a girl could want...
And everything this girl wants to run from!

Moni Lawrence can't believe her good fortune! Thanks to an unexpected inheritance, she's leaving her tiny Virginia hometown in the dust and heading west to spread her wings and fly free. But she makes more of a splash than she intended in San Diego, when she's so distracted by the sight of a naked man, she drives her car through his fence and into his swimming pool. It's understandable, since Grant Forrest is so fine he'd turn any woman's head. And when it's been decided (in court!) that Moni has to personally repair the damage — and is going to be around him a lot — she knows she'd better keep her passion in check, or else she might end up uttering those deadly, reedom-suffocating words, "I do!"

Of course, Grant's been disastrously down that aisle twice already and isn't looking for Mrs. Number Three. Besides, he obviously thinks Moni's just a sexy, perky, destructive featherhead and serious trouble.

But what's that glint in his dreamy dark eyes?
Watches: 10th Ed.
SEQ Bedroom $20 407-341-6880 MasterTV Cooksley Shugart
Venturer Digital Converter Box
$25 obo 407-341-6880 d1d $25 obo 407-341-6880 d1d
Unwrapped: Sex & Candy
ess51617 Carrie Alexander
Unleash the Night
gatorade bx Sherrilyn Kenyon It's a predator eat predator world for the Were-Hunters. Danger haunts any given day. There is no one to trust. No one to love. Not if they want to live…
  An orphan with no clan that will claim him, Wren Tigarian grew to adulthood under the close scrutiny and mistrust of those around him. A forbidden blend of two animals—snow leopard and white tiger—Wren has never listened to anyone when there was something he wanted. Now he wants Marguerite.
Marguerite D'Aubert Goudeau is the daughter of a prominent U.S. Senator who hates the socialite life she's forced to live. Like her mother before her, she has strong Cajun roots that her father doesn't understand. Still, she has no choice but to try and conform to a world where she feels like an outsider. But the world of rich and powerful humans is never to meet the world of the Were-Hunters who exist side by side with them, unseen, unknown, undetected. To break this law is to call down a wrath of the highest order.
In order to have Marguerite, Wren must fight not just the humans who will never accept his animal nature, but the Were-Hunters who want him dead for endangering their world. It's a race against time and magic without boundary that could cost Marguerite and Wren not just their lives, but their very souls…
Too Much Temptation
ess51617 Lori Foster Grace Jenkins has had little experience with men - feeling too awkward and insecure to free the passionate woman inside her. But that hasn't stopped her from dreaming about Noah Harper. Gorgeous, strong and darkly sexy, his rough edge beneath the polish promises no mercy in the bedroom. When Grace learns Noah's engagement has ended in scandal, she shyly offers him her support and her friendship. But Noah's looking for something extra...Noah wants Grace - badly. He wants to possess those curves that go on forever, to savor her sweet innocence, to take her to the limits of white-hot desire...again and again. What he doesn't want is anything more complicated than that, and he knows Grace is a woman who deserves better. Grace, however, knows exactly what she wants - the kind of ecstasy only Noah can give her. Brazenly, she accepts, and Noah promises to make all her secret fantasies come true...
The Tiger Prince
ess51617 Iris Johansen The heather-scented hills of the Scottish highlands come to life in a mesmerizing novel about a wickedly disturbing man who transforms a hardheaded businesswoman into a willing slave of passion.
The Thing About Men
ess51617 Elizabeth Bevarly Three things about men:

They think dinner comes in a box . . .

Claire Willoughby, nationally famous lifestyle diva, knows what it takes to cook luscious meals from scratch, stencil a wall border from a grocery bag, and create beautiful holiday ornaments from common household items. But then her Number One Fan leaves her custody of a small, rambunctious toddler, and suddenly the style goes right out of her life.

They never ask for directions . . .

And it gets worse. Enter, on a Harley, wearing ragged jeans, a diamond stud earring and a black eye, hell-raiser Ramsey Sage . . . the child's uncle. And though Ramsey claims he wants custody of the little tyke, Claire is plenty certain he doesn't know his way around a nursery. . . .

They never admit they're wrong.

But she quickly learns he sure knows his way around a woman — those tempting kisses and scorching gazes turn up the heat hotter than Claire's test kitchen on a summer's day. He seems all wrong for her, but he feels so right. How can it be that Ramsey, despite all his faults, might just be perfect for her?
SEQ Bedroom $20 407-341-6880 MasterTV MARGARET LANE
Kurt Saxon
Summer Lovin'
ess51617 Carly Phillips Carly Phillips, Queen of the Beach Read, has written her funniest, sunniest romp on the boardwalk yet! Zoe's a security specialist and a Costas through and through. Her eccentric, rather dubious family runs an Atlantic City spa that's just this side of legit. So Zoe isn't inclined to trust handsome, charming Ryan Baldwin when he shows up claiming to be related to Sam, the girl the Costas family is about to adopt. But Ryan is Sam's uncle and one of the famously rich and snooty Boston Baldwins.

Ryan's search for his sister Faith has led him to news of her death, and to a niece he's never met. But someone else has also tracked Sam down — someone who never wanted the child to be found. Ryan is determined to protect Sam and find out what really happened to his sister. And Zoe "Whatever-It-Takes" Costas is just the woman to help him do it . . .
Sony Super Betamax Beta Hi-Fi SL-HFR70
Sony's SuperBeta recording system gives you a dramatically sharper video image for home recording. Beta Hi-Fi sound can make all your favorite hit movies and recordings sound as sharp and thrilling as they look. But if you want to step into the full SuperBetaHi-Fi experience then the SL-HFR70 is the right choice for you. It is Hi-Fi ready so you can enjoy the sharp SuperBeta picture today and add the beauty of Sony's ultra-high fidelity BetaHi-Fi later. Even better is to buy both units together and own one of the real super "sleeper" bargains in the BetaMax line. Check out the features below and then couple that with a superb HFP-100 or HFP-200 stereo processor (check these out in the " Accessories" section) and you can easily see why this is an awesome combination.   Cable-Compatible Express Tuning that brings in the VHF, UHF, and even non-scrambled cable TV channels   Remote commander wireless remote control, with 14-pushbutton channel tuning and other Betamax VCR functions   7-day/6-event programmable timer, for automatic recording plus quick-timer button for added convenience   Crystal-clear freeze-frame picture, to let you see every detail   Crystal-clear slow motion at 1/5 and 1/10 normal speed, to give you a close-up look at all the action   BetaScan and BetaSkipScan high-speed search, while you see a picture on your screen so you know exactly where you are   Linear time counter displays your exact tape position in hours, minutes and seconds   Fluorescent multi-display for reference clock time, timer settings, and VCR indications   SuperBeta for a super sharp image with 20% higher resolution than conventional VCR pictures   Accepts either the HFP-100 or HFP-200 Hi-Fi adapters
Sins of the Night
Sherrilyn Kenyon In the realm of the Dark-Hunters there is a code of honor that even immortal bad boys must follow:

Harm no human. Drink no blood. Never fall in love.

But every now and again a Dark-Hunter thinks himself above the Code. That's when I'm summoned. Who am I? I'm the one thing the fearless fear. Step over the line and it's my wrath you will face. Nothing can touch me. Nothing can sway me. I am relentless and unfeeling.

Or so I thought until I met a female Dark-Hunter who goes by the name of Danger-it's not just her name, it's how she lives her life. She doesn't trust me at all. And who could blame her? She alone knows that I'm here to be judge, jury and most likely executioner of her friends. Yet she is my key to saving some of them. Without her, they all will die.

Dangereuse St. Richard is a deadly distraction. Something about her is reawakening a heart I thought was long dead. But in a race against evil, the only hope mankind has is that I do my duty. And how can I do my duty when it means that I will have to sacrifice the only woman I've ever loved?
Shockingly Sensual
ess51617 Lori Wilde Callie Ryder's life has forever been about shocking people. She's even doing it for a living — giving sex advice to female callers on her late-night radio show. The ratings, not to mention Callie's popularity as a shock jock, are off the chart, but she's still got places to go....

When Callie's on-air sex tips result in a West Coast book tour, even threats against her "telling it like it is" aren't going to slow her down. Instead, she gets a bodyguard for protection. And not just a bodyguard. But the best bodyguard — Luke Cardasian. Heart-stopping to look at, he's tough as nails and strong like steel, with animal instincts...and appetites.

A dangerous, sensual, sex-filled road trip. Who will survive?
Shades of Gray
ess51617 Amanda Ashley Bound by chains, the vampire had slept for 100 years, locked in pain and hunger, until the scent of one woman's blood recalled him to life. Lost in darkness, Grigori finds new sustenance in the light of Marisa's love, and new purpose in his life. Only he can protect her from the evil that stalks the night. Grigori vows to show Marisa that not all the undead are monsters, and that somewhere between the black and white of damnation and desire lay infinite shades of gray.
Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy
Nik Douglas, Penny Slinger * Features more than 600 original illustrations created by artist Penny Slinger.

* 500,000 copies in print.

* The undisputed classic in its field, it has been translated into * eleven languages since it was first published fourteen years ago.

This is the #1 bestselling title on the sexual mysteries of the East. Sexual Secrets was the first book to explore the Eastern path of love and mysticism, bringing together more than a thousand years of practical techniques for enhancing sexual awareness and achieving transcendental unity.
Seduce Me
qua24532 Jill Shalvis
The Secret Things of God: Unlocking the Treasures Reserved for You
$3 obo 407-341-6880 http://www. closet 121308 Henry Cloud A powerful attraction exists in the universe an attraction between the Creator of the universe and the creation whom He loves. A positive, Christian alternative to Rhonda Byrne s The Secret, this book reveals twenty age-old secrets of God some of which have been true since before Creation and others that were revealed 2000 years ago when the Creator of the Universe became one of us.

Dr. Henry Cloud brings his insights as both a psychologist and as a student of spiritual life to explore the eternal principles in the universe that govern our goals, desires, relationships, and lives. These same truths, if activated in our lives, are guaranteed to fill them with security, hope, and relationship with our eternal Creator. Cloud also reveals how these truths, found in Judaeo-Christian teachings, intersect and interface with the spiritual longings expressed in the principles found in The Secret and similar books. Recognizing and applauding the search for truth and a connection with a power beyond the human, Cloud leads readers into relationship with a God who loves them and has given all to save them.

Many Christians have believed in God all their lives and claim Jesus as their Savior, but continue to live a joyless, defeated life. They are no better able to weather the inevitable pains of life than those who claim no faith at all. The secret to true joy, inner peace, sustaining hope, powerful purpose, and more is locked in their minds but has not been activated in their hearts and lives. The Secret Things of God reveals twenty profoundly simple secrets and gently guides readers in how to unlock the power of these truths and activate them in their lives.

The book s title is based on the Bible passage, 1 Corinthians 4:1-2: Regard us as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the secret things of God. Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.
The Rich Stranger
ess51617 Bronwyn Jameson When Rafe Carlisle, charmer, gambler, womaniser, falls out of the sky (literally) into her outback paddock, Catriona McConnell becomes his reluctant rescuer. But Rafe needs rescuing in more ways than one, and in Cat he finds the perfect savior and the perfect challenge. All he needs now is the perfect game of seduction.
Raintree: Haunted
ess51617 Linda Winstead Jones Their name is Raintree. It's more than a last name; more than a notation on a family tree. It's a mark of destiny. Each family member has a special gift, an otherworldly talent. Gideon Raintree, a homicide detective, can harness electricity and talk to ghosts. He will need to wield gifts he's kept hidden to solve his newest case — a relentless serial killer unleashed by the dark Ansara wizards. But first he must deal with his reaction to Hope Malory, his alluring new partner. He'd never planned on love in the midst of battle. With evil lurking at every turn, Gideon and Hope are in a race against time to save their love, their family...and their newly conceived child.

"A love story, a mystery, an adventure — Haunted has it all, and the plot moves at a lightning pace. Linda Winstead Jones has a magic touch with paranormal, and, yes, the pun is intended" —New York Times bestselling author, Linda Howard
Power Battery for Sony SL-2000, LiIon, Li-Ion, Lithium Ion Technology, 100% fits, properly matching, Batteries, Camcorder, Video, Digital Camera
You will receive one Power Rechargeable Battery. This Rechargeable Battery 100% fits and is properly matching !

Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (originally packaged factory-new merchandise)

This high capacity rechargeable battery definitely disposes of more power than the original rechargeable battery included in delivery of the unit. This rechargeable battery can be used instead of the original rechargeable battery without any problems and can be recharged with the available standard power supply. The rechargeable battery is protected and secured against overcharge and short-circuits.

Features of this rechargeable battery:safety due to heat and overcharge protectionreal lithium-ion rechargeable battery, more power than the original rechargeable batteryno memory effect recharge your battery whenever you likeexcellent fitting accuracy, certified quality merchandise, not an original accessorythe standard battery charger can still be used
The Poor Man's James Bond
Kurt Saxon
The Poor Man's James Bond Vol. 3
Kurt Saxon
The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride
ess51617 Emma Darcy Jake Devila is hugely successful and women love him—with the exception of his assistant, Merlina. Jake adores getting under Merlina's oh-so-professional skin and stirring the passion that simmers beneath.

Merlina wants Jake, but she knows he prefers skinny blondes to curvy brunettes like her. Enough is enough! Suddenly Merlina sees her chance to teach her boss a lesson and show him what he's been missing….
Perfect for the Beach
ess51617 Lori Foster, Janelle Denison, Erin McCarthy, MaryJanice Davidson, Kayla Perrin, Morgan Leigh "Some Like It Hot" - Lori Foster: Family practitioner Cary Rupert wants Nora Chilton so badly he can barely keep a hold of his stethoscope. Now he's out to prove that when it comes to loving her forever, he's the man for the job..."One Wilde Weekend" - Janelle Denison: Alex Wilde is crazy about Dana Reed. Career-driven Dana wants him as a lover, not a husband...until Alex whisks her away for a weekend that will fulfil every forbidden desire. "Blue Crush" - Erin McCarthy: Dr Sara Davis loses her bikini top to a powerful wave and finds herself in the arms of gorgeous lifeguard Kyle Vanderhoff...where a little mouth-to-mouth just might resuscitate her love life..."My Thief" - MaryJanice Davidson: John Crusher is hauled into his hotel room only to come fact-to-face with a stunning redhead who orders him to strip. But when the room service is this superb, what's a guy to do but show his appreciation..."Hot and Bothered" - Kayla Perrin: Marrying Trey Arnold after a whirlwind romance was the dumbest thing Jenna Maxwell ever did. Divorce is the simple solution, but once she sees Trey's sexy smile again, things get complicated...and very, very hot..." Murphy's Law" - Morgan Leith: Kat Murphy is in love with her lawyer boss, Sam Parrish. Fearing his heart may never heal, she quits her job and heads for the beach. And when Sam follows, the sensual heat they generate is out of this world.
Panasonic DMR-E75VS Progressive-Scan DVD Recorder/VCR Combo
J&R's Scratch-&-Dent section is an exciting place to find great bargains. These products may have minor cosmetic blemishes or be refurbished, but this does not affect their performance - only their price! They are very heavily discounted, and offer great value. Most are one-of-a-kind, and quantities are very limited. J&R stands behind our Scratch-&-Dent products with a 30 day no-hassle return policy. We want you to be happy with your purchase; you can return your Scratch & Dent item within the first 30 days, and we'll give you a refund for the full amount of the merchandise. Quantities are very limited; all products are first come, first served. Since the "availability" status on our website does not update in real-time, it's possible that we may receive several orders in a row before the product status can be changed to "Sold Out". If your order is received after all the stock has been reserved, you will be notified by email. For more information click on Scratch-n-Dent Panasonic DNR-E75 DVD and VHS Recorder and Player Combo - Will make discs that will play in most existing DVD players (DVD-R only) High speed transfer (up to 22 Mbps) to and from DVD-RAM for time-shifting Quick recording function automatically finds the blank part of the disc Variable Data rate settings Time base corrector delivers highly stable, natural images Front A/V input Progressive Scan DVD play compatible Dolby Digital and DTS outputs
Orion shall rise / Poul Anderson
SEQ Bedroom $20 407-341-6880 MasterTV Poul (1926-2001) Anderson
One For The Road
ess51617 Crystal Green A dull job, boring relationships. Life was a yawn when Lucy Christie decided to hit the road with her best friend. But she didn't know just how much her dream vacation—a drive down Route 66 in search of no-questions-asked, guilt-free sexual encounters—would shake things up.

Her first conquest was Joshua, a cowboy with fancy boots and hips made for sin, a man who filled in every gap in her previously limited sexual education. In fact, he was so good, Lucy regretted having to give him up. But when she tried moving on to the next "drive-by seduction," her demanding lover tagged along...intent on seducing her stop after stop!
On the Loose
ess51617 Tara Janzen He's a special agent who never loses his cool.

She's the heat-seeking missle headed straight for his heart.

Keeping cool under pressure is the credo C. Smith Rydell lives by. That’s why he was handpicked by the Special Defense Forces for a mission few men survive. So why has the ex-DEA superstar been reassigned to Panama City, playing bodyguard to a blond in a black string bikini? Except Honey York isn’t your average pampered socialite. She’s the woman Rydell caught smuggling cash into El Salvador four months ago. And now she wants him to take her back.

All Honey has to do is find the guerrilla camp, deliver the goods, and get the hell out of the jungle—all in forty-eight hours. Only one man is up for the job. But sharing an unforgettable one-night stand was nothing next to being stranded with Rydell on some third world mountaintop. And with bullets flying and all hell breaking loose, now is not the time for passion. As if these two could possibly resist it….
Night Tales: Night Shade; Night Smoke
Nora Roberts
Night Music
ess51617 BJ James
My Favorite Witch
ess51617 Annette Blair New from the author of the surprise hit The Kitchen Witch

The Kitchen Witch author Annette Blair serves up a charming tale of a beautiful witch—cursed by her ex-boyfriend—who is appointed to work with a former hockey star, the one man who can melt the ice around her heart.
The Morning-After Proposal
ess51617 Sheri Whitefeather Like a man possessed, Dylan Trueno had searched for—and finally found—Julia Alcott, the one woman he could not forget. Though they were practically strangers, he vowed to brand her as his own…even if it meant preserving a secret that could destroy their very souls.

How to resist such an uncompromisingly sexy man? Julia had fought so long to keep her identity, how could she allow herself to be swept into Dylan's conflicting world where secrets, scandals and the sensual danger of becoming his wife awaited her?
More Naughty Than Nice
Julie Kistler
Mind Games
ess51617 Merline Lovelace For Air Force special agent Taylor Chase, invading a billionaire's island fortress was headache enough. But partnering with Dr. Mark Wolfson forced her to revisit the darkest chapter of her past. As his lab assistant, she'd been his lover—and turned into another one of his telekinetic experiments. He'd influenced her thoughts and dominated her very being, and she'd sworn off him forever. Yet when the sheer horror of the billionaire's plan was revealed, Taylor and Mark realized only their telepathic bond could save them. But could they handle the deep-rooted extrasensory passion that had blown up in their faces years ago? Their very lives depended on the answer...of just who was controlling whom....
ess51617 Julie Garwood Julie Garwood created an electrifying tour de force in her suspense-charged bestseller Heartbreaker, a "crackling good thriller" (New York Post) that pitted a relentless FBI agent against a madman in a frenzied race for one beautiful woman. Now, in this thrilling new novel, Garwood goes further down the dark road where passion and obsession meet.

Like his FBI-agent brother Nick, Theo Buchanan is devoted to his crime-fighting career. Only Theo works the other side of the desk as an esteemed Justice Department attorney. At a gala ceremony in New Orleans, he is suddenly struck ill and is rushed to a hospital where a brilliant and beautiful surgeon, Dr. Michelle Renard, saves his life. It is not the only life-and-death crisis that will ensnare Theo — for he is about to uncover a ring of criminals bent on preserving their secrecy at any cost.

They call themselves the Sowing Club: four white-collar professionals whose sophisticated crimes have amassed millions of dollars in a Cayman Islands bank account. The group is bound by a pact to leave the cash untouched until they accumulate a cool $40 million. But their leader, John, has begun to lose his focus in their "all-for-one" commitment, distracted by and nearly bankrupt from his wife's grave illness. Knowing what must be done, John turns to his three friends. For the sake of the pact, their brand of crime must turn to the mercy killing of John's wife. But the line between mercy and murder quickly vanishes....

Now, in the small bayou town of Bowen, Louisiana, Theo Buchanan comes to the aid of Michelle Renard when her medical clinic is vandalized. What he discovers is chilling and deadly. As the relentless and cold-blooded Sowing Club sets out to silence Michelle, the one person who may have the information that will destroy them, Theo confronts the lies, greed, and evil that bind the lethal foursome — and risks more than he ever has before. Michelle saved his can he save hers?

With all of the storytelling power and insight into the human heart that have made her one of the bestselling authors of our time, Julie Garwood introduces readers to an unforgettable cast of intriguing characters in this new masterpiece of contemporary suspense.

There are more than thirty million copies of her books in print.
Maxtor DiamondMax 16 - Hard drive - 80 GB - internal - 3.5" - ATA-133 - 5400 rpm - buffer: 2 MB
The Maxtor DiamondMax 16 hard disk drive is designed to efficiently meet the need for capacity. With industry-standard capacity points, the DiamondMax 16 confirms Maxtor's leadership position in drive technology. The DiamondMax 16 drive uses advanced, integrated electronics combined with numerous design innovations to achieve a wide range of capacity points, solid reliability, and quiet operation all at very competitive prices. As a result, the DiamondMax 16 is the premier choice for desktop, commercial and consumer electronic high capacity storage needs.Maxtor-developed parallel ATA interfaces have maximum data transfer rates of 133 MB/sec. With this leading-edge interface, end users will experience the fastest parallel ATA data transfer rates available.Maxtor Quiet Drive Technology provides users with superior disk drive acoustics by reducing noise levels and improving sound quality.DiamondMax 16 drives deliver high reliability and data integrity using the Maxtor-developed Shock Protection System (SPS) and Data Protection System (DPS). SPS and DPS give the drive enhanced protection against both operating and non-operating shock to eliminate costly drive returns. These systems deliver high reliability, as shown by the DiamondMax product line's annualized return rate (ARR) of less than 1.0%.
Maxtor D740X-6L 40GB UDMA/133 7200RPM 2MB IDE Hard Drive
This Maxtor D740X-6L IDE hard drive can add up to 40 GB of formatted capacity to your PC. Features such as UDMA/133 transfer rate, 7200 RPM spindle speed and a 2 MB buffer ensure quick and reliable operation. Stock up today and save!
Marriage by the Book
ess51617 Joan Johnston Ignoring her children's hints that she find a husband, single mom Megan Padget believes that the right man is impossible to procure, until she meets rugged bachelor Tom Steele, who realizes that he knows nothing of family life. Reprint.
Logitech QuickCam Chat Web Camera
$25 obo 407-341-6880 br This is new $25 obo 407-341-6880 make an offer
Logitech QuickCam Chat Web Camera
$25 obo 407-341-6880 br The Logitech QuickCam Chat is the easy way to get started with video instant messaging or live video calling. When used along with the included headset, it's perfect for instantly seeing and hearing loved ones online. It works with all popular instant messenger applications including AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger, and even comes with two image editing applications so you can save and share those special moments.The QuickCam Chat captures up to 30 frames per second for smooth live video, and its high-quality CMOS sensor provides up to 640x480 resolution for crisp images. The package includes a multi-purpose swivel base and a six-foot USB cable for flexible placement, and the classic Logitech design fits well in any home setting.
A Little Fate
Nora Roberts
Kiss of the Highlander
ess51617 Karen Marie Moning A laird trapped between centuries...

Enchanted by a powerful spell, Highland laird Drustan MacKeltar slumbered for nearly five centuries hidden deep in a cave, until an unlikely savior awakened him. The enticing lass who dressed and spoke like no woman he’d ever known was from his distant future, where crumbled ruins were all that remained of his vanished world. Drustan knew he had to return to his own century if he was to save his people from a terrible fate. And he needed the bewitching woman by his side....

A woman changed forever in his arms...

Gwen Cassidy had come to Scotland to shake up her humdrum life and, just maybe, meet a man. How could she have known that a tumble down a Highland ravine would send her plunging into an underground cavern — to land atop the most devastatingly seductive man she’d ever seen? Or that once he’d kissed her, he wouldn’t let her go?

Bound to Drustan by a passion stronger than time, Gwen is swept back to sixteenth-century Scotland, where a treacherous enemy plots against them ... and where a warrior with the power to change history will defy time itself for the woman he loves....
KDS RAD-7M 17" LCD Monitor
The new 17" Rad-7m LCD display is perfect for those looking for an affordable multimedia display solution and want to save desktop space. This display combines ultra-thin design and ergonomic features making them great for home or office use. They deliver brilliant picture quality and are equipped with built-in speakers. Plus the Rad-7m is wall mountable!
Just For Kicks
ess51617 Susan Andersen In Susan Andersen's laugh-out-loud follow-up to Skintight, sometimes love is a sure bet, sometimes it's a losing proposition.

Las Vegas showgirl Carly Jacobsen keeps finding out the hard way that her idea of fun differs radically from that of her neighbor Wolfgang Jones. Sure, he looks incredible, and he seems to have a thing for her legs, but the man's a robot. So what's with their chemistry?

Wolf has noticed Carly's legs, because they're always tangled up in leashes attached to her ridiculous assortment of pets. She's a pain, she's wacky, she's always in the way and yet for some reason he can't keep her out of his thoughts.

When a moment of weakness leads to some serious sheet-scorching sex, the two discover at least one area where they do both have fun. But outside the bedroom the stakes are getting higher, and love might come down to a roll of the dice . . .
Just Between Us . . . Kiss & Tell
ess51617 Tori Carrington
Interpreter's Bible, volume 11 only, Philippians; Colossians; Thessalonians; Timothy; Titus; Philemon; Hebrews
This is a green hard cover book
The Interpreter's Bible, Vol. 7: New Testament Articles, Matthew, Mark
The Interpreter's Bible, Vol. 4: Psalms, Proverbs
George Arthur Buttrick
The Interpreter's Bible, Vol. 3: Kings, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job
George Arthur Buttrick
The Interpreter's Bible, Vol. 2: Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel
George Arthur Buttrick
The Interpreter's Bible, Vol. 1: General and Old Testament Articles, Genesis, Exodus
The Interpreter's Bible
George Arthur Buttrick
In Dreams
ess51617 Patricia Rosemoor
How to Clean Practically Anything
The Editors of Consumer Reports
Hot Ics for the Electronics Hobbyist
Stan Gibilisco
Honey Moon
ess51617 Susan Elizabeth Phillips As Honey Jane Moon, the most famous child star in America, grows into a woman, she changes the destinies of Dash Coogan, the last cowboy hero, and Eric Dillon, Hollywood's dark, seductive bad boy.
Healing With Homeopathy: The Complete Guide
Wayne B. Jonas, Jennifer Jacobs
Ham.Beach/Proctor Silex Lightweight Steam/Spray Iron 17288
HAMILTON BEACH/PROCTOR SILEX Adjustable steam settings, Temperature control dial, On/Off indicator light. Push spray button to release a fine spray of water for difficult wrinkles in cotton or linen.
John T. (ed) Amber
The Greek's Convenient Wife
ess51617 Melanie Milburne Maddison's at Demetrius Papasakis's mercy, because of her brother's reckless behavior. But the last thing she expects is Demetrius's marriage demand, one she has to agree to. It takes every ounce of strength she has to get through their wedding—Maddison hates her new husband as much as he hates her.

So when Demetrius makes it clear he has every intention of claiming all his temporary wife has to offer, why does Maddison find him so hard to resist?
The Foundation Trilogy-Three Classics of Science Fiction
Isaac Asimov
For The Sheikh's Pleasure
ess51617 Annie West Rosalie Winters is a challenge. Beautiful and aloof, she doesn't play the games of flirtation and seduction that Sheikh Arik Kareem Ben Hassan expects from women. She intrigues him with her lack of sophistication and guile.

Arik realizes he must move slowly to gain her trust. Rosalie is quiet, even withdrawn, as though something has changed her. But Arik also knows that once she's at his command Rosalie will welcome the loving that only he can give her....
Fire and Ice: Legal Briefs
Tori Carrington
The Fantasy Factor
qua24532 Kimberly Raye
Extraordinary Uses For Ordinary Things
Reader's Digest, Marilyn Bader, Don Earnest, Jeanette Gingold, Nan Badgett, David Schiff Save the day with over 2,300 clever, ingenious, smart ways to use everyday household products—all guaranteed to save you time and money!

Did you know that tea can hide gray hair? Or that aspirin can revive a dead car battery? How about the power of table salt to make panty hose last longer? Or that shaving cream can remove rug stains? Yes, there’s a treasure trove hidden in your pantry, medicine cabinet, garage, and basement. This remarkable book shares amazing secrets to save you time and money—and shelf space in the process. Fully illustrated and written in a clear, down-to-earth style, this practical guide contains over 2,300 handy tips about using more than 200 common household items like aluminum foil and dental floss in exciting new ways. Don’t spend your hard-earned money on expensive storebought products. Restore, replace, repair, or revive practically everything in your home with this indispensable handbook that features:

• Nearly 400 full-color illustrations
• Easy A-to-Z format to find items easily
• Clear, step-by-step instructions
• At-a-Glance section provides the Best Uses for every item
• Hundreds of sidebars full of extra tips and informative ideas
• Complete index for cross-referencing

Throughout, Did You Know?, Science Fair, and Kids’ Stuff sidebars add to the wonder and fun of this easy-to-use reference. From Alka-Seltzer to baby shampoo, pepper to pillowcases, vinegar to yogurt—discover the untold value of hundreds of everyday items with Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things.
Doctor's Book of Food Remedies
Selene Yeager, Prevention Health Books, The Editors of Prevention Health Books In just the last few years, scientists have found hundreds of substances in foods that go way beyond vitamins and minerals for pure healing power. In The Doctors Book of Food Remedies, you will learn exactly how to use the "healing foods" to treat and prevent dozens of conditions, from arthritis and fatigue to high blood pressure and stroke.Discover:* A food that can block the harmful effects of secondhand smoke (page 555)* How to stop cataracts with the carotenoids in spinach (page 123)* A juice that reduces urinary tract infections by 58 percent (page 545)* How a substance in grapefruit can help control diabetes (page 185)* How to cut your risk of heart disease in half with three simple foods (page 276)* A phytonutrient in buckwheat that prevents cholesterol from sticking to arteries (page 95)* The beverage that can reduce the risk of stroke by 73 percent (page 511)* How to stop an infection with nature's sweetner (page 290)Plus, 150 nutrient-rich recipes that are specially designed to fight and reverse specific health problems.
Devil May Cry
SEQ Bedroom Sherrilyn Kenyon As an ancient Sumerian god, Sin was one of the most powerful among his pantheon.  . . Until the night Artemis brutally stole his godhood and left him for dead. For millennia, this ex-god turned Dark-Hunter has dreamed only of regaining his powers and seeking revenge on Artemis. If only life were that simple.
Unfortunately he has bigger fish—or in Sin’s case—demons, to fry. The lethal gallu that were buried by his pantheon are now stirring and they are hungry for human flesh. Their goal is to destroy mankind and anyone else who gets in their way.  Sin is the only one who can stop them—that is if a certain woman doesn’t kill him first. Unfortunately, Sin discovers that now he must rely on her or witness an annihilation of biblical proportions.  Enemies have always made strange bedfellows, but never more so than when the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Now a man who knows only betrayal must trust the one person most likely to hand him to the demons. Artemis may have stolen his godhood, but this one has stolen his heart. The only question is will she keep it or feed it to the ones who want him dead?
A Date on Cloud Nine
ess51617 \Jenna McKnight Once is never enough!

Lilly Marquette doesn't need angels to tell her it's not her time. After all, she's not even thirty. But while checking out the incredibly hot guy behind the counter of an adults-only toy shop, the furnace blows, and poof, Lilly is headed for the pearly gates! But instead of St. Peter, she's greeted by ... John and Elizabeth? These guardian angels are giving Lilly one last chance to get it right ... and to finally choose the right man.

Jake Murdoch is hot, sexy, and may even be the right man, but he wants nothing to do with Lilly. He believes she stole three million dollars from him in an insurance scam, and now she's talking to angels and giving away his money! His mind should be on revenge, but when she bats those long, sexy lashes at him, it suddenly doesn't seem so important anymore ... not when he gets one last chance to prove he is the right man.
Darker Than Midnight
ess51617 Maggie Shayne Some people will do anything — and kill anyone — to keep their secrets locked away.

Michael "River" Corbett — Confined in the state mental hospital and heavily drugged since the death of his wife, River cannot remember what truly happened the night he was arrested for her murder. But now someone is trying to kill him, and he is forced to run for his life. A fugitive from the law and from someone who wants him dead, all he wants is the truth.

Cassandra "Jax" Jackson — The uncompromising police lieutenant knows she's putting her career on the line when she encounters this desperate stranger and doesn't turn him in. Something in River's eyes has Jax convinced he's worth saving . . . whether he wants it or not.

Dawn Jones — The daughter of a madman, Jax's young friend is haunted by voices she doesn't want to hear. But she can no longer ignore the curse she inherited from her twisted father — because unless she listens to what the dead are telling her, Jax might be doomed to join them.
Dark Celebration: A Carpathian Reunion
ess51617 Christine Feehan A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER

With her erotically charged Carpathian tales, Christine Feehan has enthralled a legion of fans, captivating them with a seductive world and the unforgettable characters-both human and not-who inhabit it. Now, she reunites all of them in a Dark Celebration...
Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis Expansion Pack
d1d Vivendi Universal In Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis, you'll seek out the legendary underwater civilization for Hibernia, Midgard or Albion!
Cutting Loose: Sex & The Supper Club
ess51617 Kristin Hardy Once bitten, twice shy Trish Dawson has always avoided attention — and risking her heart — until a hot costume-party makeover puts her center stage. Hot actor Ty Ramsay can’t forget the women he kissed in the moonlight. He'll do anything to have her, including hiring her as a personal assistant to help him rewrite — and act out — the scenes in his sexy new script.
CueCat PS/2 Standard Barcode Scanner
k1b00 John Lasseter A young stock car named Lightning on his way to a big race is kept in town to repair damage he caused and he begins to see the townsfolk, various motor vehicles, as family and friends.
No Track Information Available
Media Type: DVD
Artist: DISNEY
Title: CARS
Street Release Date: 11/07/2006
Blackmailed By Diamonds, Bound By Marriage
ess51617 Sarah Morgan The Brandizi Diamond has been in the Kyriacou family for generations. So when it comes into Angelina Littlewood's possession, Nikos Kyriacou must get the jewel back.

But Angie has her own reasons for keeping it—and for wanting to teach arrogant Greek Nikos a lesson!

What better way than to agree to marriage? But then Angie discovers what being Nikos's wife entails…. He has one demand: he's her husband and she'll share his bed!
Beyond the blue event horizon
SEQ Bedroom $2 407-341-6880 MasterTV Frederik Pohl
The Beast Within
ess51617 Lisa Renee Jones Only passion can soothe the beast within... Known only as Jag, he leads the Knights of White against the soulless Darkland Beasts who took his wife and his life. Jag is immortal, destined to live with the vengeance he feels in his heart and the dreams that haunt his soul. Sensual dreams of a woman. Dreams that threaten to unleash the beast within...

Karen Gibson is an innocent mortal, unwittingly thrown into this millennia-old battle, and unwillingly under Jag's protection. She and Jag are about to discover that they have met before in the dreams they share. Neither trusts the other. Neither can survive alone. The secret of those erotic dreams may be all that saves them if Jag can only accept it. At risk is Karen's life. And Jag's immortal soul...
Bad Attitude
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Awakening
ess51617 Joy Nash Created at the dawn of time to protect humanity, the ancient warriors have been nearly forgotten, though magic lives on—in vampires, werewolves, the Celtic Sidhe, and other beings. But now one of their own has turned rogue, and the world is again in desperate need of the IMMORTALS

She came to him in a dream: her creamy skin delectably cool, silky raven hair smelling of the sea and ocean-blue eyes reflecting the depths of her passion. She was everything Kalen had been desperate to capture in his art—and in his bed. In reality, when Christine found his remote Scottish castle, it was to persuade the Immortal warrior to help repel the darkness spreading around the world. But Kalen had a vindictive Sidhe trying to steal his powers and a dark secret of his own to battle before he and Christine could give in to...THE AWAKENING
The Animal
k1b00 Luke Greenfield You expect cheap gags from a Rob Schneider movie, and The Animal delivers in the best possible way. Schneider plays Marvin Mange, a schlub of a police file clerk who drives off a cliff and is horribly mangled—only to wake up not only whole, but feeling better than he ever has in his life. He suddenly develops strange powers that lead to him being praised as a super cop. Unfortunately, his powers are the result of a scientist's bizarre experiment—and before long, some side effects start to take over his life. It's hard to put a finger on Schneider's appeal, but he's got something. He can get away with tasteless jokes about bestiality and bodily functions because... well... he's sort of helplessly sympathetic, and somehow this actually makes him funny. —Bret Fetzer
Alternative Cures: The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems
Bill Gottlieb As the editor-in-chief of Prevention Magazine Health Books, Bill Gottlieb created the 10-million copy self-care bestseller, The Doctors Book of Home Remedies, and was the author of the 1.5 million copy alternative health bestseller, New Choices in Natural Healing. Now, Bill has once again created a groundbreaking booka book that can help anyone safely, successfully and naturally self-treat 160 everyday and serious health conditions: Alternative Cures. To write this unique book, Bill interviewed over 300 of America's top natural cliniciansdoctors, herbalists, nutritionists and more. You'll discover over 1000 of their most effective, practical and safest natural remedies for an A-to-Z of health problems, from arthritis, back pain and high cholesterol, to repetitive strain injury, weight gain and yeast infections. Plus, every chapter of Alternative Cures has a guide to the best alternative and conventional professional care for the condition it covers. And, you'll find essential safety information for every remedy featured in the book. Once you look at it, we think you'll agree: There's never been a more useful, reader-friendly, get-better book about alternative health and healing than Alternative Cures.
27" Pure Flat TV Symphonic
20GB IDE Quantum LCT15 4400RPM EIDE Ultra-ATA/66 3.5LP Fireball LCT15 QML20000LC
20GB IDE Quantum LCT15 4400RPM EIDE Ultra-ATA/66 3.5LP Fireball LCT15 QML20000LC
$45 obo 407-341-6880 d1d $45 obo 407-341-6880 d1d