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802.11B Wi-fi Sdio Card
d1d Socket Communications, Inc. If your Pocket PC doesn't have built-in Wi-Fi, Socket Go Wi-Fi! is the perfect tool to connect to enterprise and public Wi-Fi systems to access email, the Internet, and corporate servers. You can also use the card to create peer-to-peer networks, connect to other Wi-Fi users, and share files. Socket Go Wi-Fi! uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology to provide a high-capacity network and is Wi-Fi Certified to interoperate with other Wi- Fi products. The P300 complies with IEEE 802.11b/g specifications with data rates up to 54 Mbps.
Dazzle Multimedia The Dazzle Digital Video Creator 100 (DVC 100) is the ultimate solution for creating Hollywood-style movies from your home videos. The DVC 100 captures DVD-quality video from any camcorder, VCR or TV. Use the supplied Dazzle MovieStar 5 software to capture and edit your video, cutting out unwanted scenes, adding 3D transitions, titles and special effects, adding background audio and voice over narrations. Take your edited video and use Dazzle DVD Complete software to design and burn interactive DVDs you can play on your home DVD player. If you have digital still pictures, you can use Dazzle OnDVD software to make photo slideshows you can play back on a DVD player. Don't want to make DVDs yet? The DVC 100 also lets you make videotapes, Video CDs, S-Video CDs or Webcast streaming video across the Internet.