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20GB IDE Quantum LCT15 4400RPM EIDE Ultra-ATA/66 3.5LP Fireball LCT15 QML20000LC
20GB IDE Quantum LCT15 4400RPM EIDE Ultra-ATA/66 3.5LP Fireball LCT15 QML20000LC
Maxtor D740X-6L 40GB UDMA/133 7200RPM 2MB IDE Hard Drive
This Maxtor D740X-6L IDE hard drive can add up to 40 GB of formatted capacity to your PC. Features such as UDMA/133 transfer rate, 7200 RPM spindle speed and a 2 MB buffer ensure quick and reliable operation. Stock up today and save!
Maxtor DiamondMax 16 - Hard drive - 80 GB - internal - 3.5" - ATA-133 - 5400 rpm - buffer: 2 MB
The Maxtor DiamondMax 16 hard disk drive is designed to efficiently meet the need for capacity. With industry-standard capacity points, the DiamondMax 16 confirms Maxtor's leadership position in drive technology. The DiamondMax 16 drive uses advanced, integrated electronics combined with numerous design innovations to achieve a wide range of capacity points, solid reliability, and quiet operation all at very competitive prices. As a result, the DiamondMax 16 is the premier choice for desktop, commercial and consumer electronic high capacity storage needs.Maxtor-developed parallel ATA interfaces have maximum data transfer rates of 133 MB/sec. With this leading-edge interface, end users will experience the fastest parallel ATA data transfer rates available.Maxtor Quiet Drive Technology provides users with superior disk drive acoustics by reducing noise levels and improving sound quality.DiamondMax 16 drives deliver high reliability and data integrity using the Maxtor-developed Shock Protection System (SPS) and Data Protection System (DPS). SPS and DPS give the drive enhanced protection against both operating and non-operating shock to eliminate costly drive returns. These systems deliver high reliability, as shown by the DiamondMax product line's annualized return rate (ARR) of less than 1.0%.
Fire and Ice: Legal Briefs
Tori Carrington
Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy
Nik Douglas, Penny Slinger * Features more than 600 original illustrations created by artist Penny Slinger.

* 500,000 copies in print.

* The undisputed classic in its field, it has been translated into * eleven languages since it was first published fourteen years ago.

This is the #1 bestselling title on the sexual mysteries of the East. Sexual Secrets was the first book to explore the Eastern path of love and mysticism, bringing together more than a thousand years of practical techniques for enhancing sexual awareness and achieving transcendental unity.
Ham.Beach/Proctor Silex Lightweight Steam/Spray Iron 17288
HAMILTON BEACH/PROCTOR SILEX Adjustable steam settings, Temperature control dial, On/Off indicator light. Push spray button to release a fine spray of water for difficult wrinkles in cotton or linen.
More Naughty Than Nice
Julie Kistler
Heart of a Warrior
hp8050bx Johanna Lindsey